Solar power for Baria

Solar Power for Baria

Now that the large well and solar-powered pump have been completed and successfully taken into operation, we are ready to launch our second infrastructure project in Baria: electricity for the school!

180 children in grades 1 to 6 are currently attending the school. The school house consists of three long buildings, at least a solid construction. As there is no electricity in the buildings, the classrooms are often very dark, especially in the rainy season, and teaching becomes rather difficult. Installing sufficient lighting in the buildings will improve the teaching conditions considerably. And while the use of computers, the internet, beamers, photocopiers and many other electrical devices is part of normal life in Europe, we would like to introduce at least some low-powered electrical devices such as radios or similar in the school.

Installing a 500W photovoltaic system, a sufficiently sized inverter, large batteries for energy storage for times of little sunlight and the relevant cabling and power points will not only achieve better teaching for the children, the school could additionally be used as a meeting place for the villagers, even in the evenings. Electricity has a huge impact on daily life!

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