Support for the Senegal

Africa is an immensely vast continent. Examining the possibilities andopportunities for development co-operations, it becomes clear very quickly that there are many regions where help and assistance can provide ample opportunities to assist local communities on their way into self-determined lives beyond existential need. The road ahead is long and it is quite a challenge for a small co-operation like ours to join forces with the locals on this route.

Our good friend Gabi Canavan provided an opportunity to take on a second project in Africa. Gabi has been involved with Senegal for some time and her plans took shape in the course of 2018. Together we will turn those plans into reality, working from afar and locally and in active partnership with the people of Baria.

We are delighted to have such a valuable companion in Gabi, who has assumed this great task wholeheartedly and dove into the project with great diligence and thoroughness. Thanks to your wonderful support we have already implemented some projects. For more information on the construction of a well, our child sponsorship program and our new project, the solar-based electrification of the local school, please visit the subpages of our project “Help in Senegal”.